V.A Everything is Fine - Filipino Indiepop Scene

What are you guys doing on a Sunday? I spent my entire afternoon listening to V.A Everything is Fine. Thanks to SEA Indie (South East Asia Indie) and Popscene Manila for making this compilation possible. It is available in its entirety for free on SEA Indie website.

Everything is Fine features 26 tracks from Filipino Indiepop artists:

Volume 1
01. ODILE ET FRANZ – la poesie intermede
02. Daydream Cycle – Christmas Is Here
03. Japsuki – Bitter, Sweeter
04. The Camerawalls – My Life’s Arithmetic Means
05. Spring Boutique - So Twee
06. Apple Orchard – Tomorrow Says Goodbye
07. Outerhope - Anna Gabrielle
08. Days Like Postcards – For a perfect time
09. DRESS - Wafture
10. Gentle Universe – Tree House Playroom
11. The Treblinka Love Scene – Missionaries On Rural Transit
12. Farewell Isobel - Under The Moon Lies
13. That Lingering Feeling – First Light

Volume 2
01. Dream Carousel – No Matter What
02. Your Imaginary Friends – Hey, Rowena
03. Some Gorgeous Accident – Blush
04. The Gentle Isolation – I’ll Pocket You A Rainbow
05. Archaster – Oakwood Avenue
06. Slow Hello – Decidedly Weird
07. Slumbook – Luminous
08. Carnival Park – Lachrymose
09. Outcasts Of The Universe – One Little Bomb
10. The Wentletraps – Pure
11. CERUMENTRIC – An Analogue Embrace
12. Lazy Lorelei  – Sunshine
13. Moscow Olympics – Keeping the Avenues Open

The sound on this compilation has that beautiful quality, all these poppity gems are good for listening to your fave Sunday afternoon time. Oh and don't forget to check out Popscene MNL for more music.  Enjoy!

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