The Time has Come..

Today it's my turn to tell everyone that I'll be taking a break and will move forward. This will probably be my last post. I will keep this blog up so people can still check back on the archives.

I've met people from different music scene and enjoyed their music. I've met a few and had seen what kind of people they are. That's enough for me. I will have fun listening to music whatever I like not worrying about what to write in Overtuneph.

I'd like to send out my thanks to everyone who visits my blog, to those who  believed in me, to the local music scene hardcore punk, electronic music and indie pop scene. Keep on creating beautiful music, I will continue to check on your stuff when I get the chance.

See you later,

January-February shows!

Shows to look forward to this coming January and February 2012!
Mark your calendars, boys and girls!

Death Cab for Cutie in Manila

You guys heard it right, Death Cab for Cutie will be playing live in Manila on March 5, 2012 at 8pm, NBC Tent, Global City, Taguig. That date is actually my birthday, so this might be a nice birthday gift for myself aside from my usual monthly toy purchases (for chrissakes! I'm close to getting broke!) I love most of DCFC old albums, not a fan of their recent works though.

EARLY BIRD PROMO: Discounted Ticket prices starting January.6-15, 2012.
VIP - 3,420 / 3,800
GOLD - 2,250 / 2,500

Tickets are available in Ticketnet outlets or visit Ticketnet website for inquiries. I'll be getting my ticket reserved tomorrow via my friend Jade. Thanks buddy!

Here's the poster I got from one of my Facebook friends:

V.A Everything is Fine - Filipino Indiepop Scene

What are you guys doing on a Sunday? I spent my entire afternoon listening to V.A Everything is Fine. Thanks to SEA Indie (South East Asia Indie) and Popscene Manila for making this compilation possible. It is available in its entirety for free on SEA Indie website.

Everything is Fine features 26 tracks from Filipino Indiepop artists:

Volume 1
01. ODILE ET FRANZ – la poesie intermede
02. Daydream Cycle – Christmas Is Here
03. Japsuki – Bitter, Sweeter
04. The Camerawalls – My Life’s Arithmetic Means
05. Spring Boutique - So Twee
06. Apple Orchard – Tomorrow Says Goodbye
07. Outerhope - Anna Gabrielle
08. Days Like Postcards – For a perfect time
09. DRESS - Wafture
10. Gentle Universe – Tree House Playroom
11. The Treblinka Love Scene – Missionaries On Rural Transit
12. Farewell Isobel - Under The Moon Lies
13. That Lingering Feeling – First Light

Volume 2
01. Dream Carousel – No Matter What
02. Your Imaginary Friends – Hey, Rowena
03. Some Gorgeous Accident – Blush
04. The Gentle Isolation – I’ll Pocket You A Rainbow
05. Archaster – Oakwood Avenue
06. Slow Hello – Decidedly Weird
07. Slumbook – Luminous
08. Carnival Park – Lachrymose
09. Outcasts Of The Universe – One Little Bomb
10. The Wentletraps – Pure
11. CERUMENTRIC – An Analogue Embrace
12. Lazy Lorelei  – Sunshine
13. Moscow Olympics – Keeping the Avenues Open

The sound on this compilation has that beautiful quality, all these poppity gems are good for listening to your fave Sunday afternoon time. Oh and don't forget to check out Popscene MNL for more music.  Enjoy!

SYNTHICIDE x WSK presents The Synthesizer Orchestra

Tonight, December 14, 2011 at 9pm in Blackbird Cafe, Kamagong


GANGAN SYNTH ENSEMBLE – The first improvisational synthesizer orchestra from the Philippines

Followed by performances from

BOTTLESMOKER (from Indonesia)

Venue: Blackbird Cafe
9815 Kamagong Street, San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati, Philippines
December 14, 2011, 9PM

SYNTHICIDE is a concept project/collective for keyboard/synth players, synthesists and enthusiasts.

Fete dela WSK! is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental sonic art, as well the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of digital culture in South East Asia.



Tad Ermitaño - Conductor using the Gangan Video Graphic Score/Volume Control

Synth Players:

Noel Acosta aka Nono (Names Are For Tombstones/Watari's Machine) - Venom Synth + Tablet (Controller/Soft synths)
Eric Tubon (Firefly Logic/Fuseboxx) – Nord Synth
Abby Clutario (Firefly Logic/Fuseboxx) – Nord Synth
Erick Fabian aka Cerumentric – Laptop (Softsyth) + Behringer Controller
Rembrandt Vocalan (Dayuhan) – Korg Prophesy/Yamaha CS-01
Marcushiro Nada (Bagetsafonik) - Yamaha CS-01, Mikrokorg
Jing Garcia aka Autoceremony (Children of Cathode Ray) – Casio CZ101 + Zoom 9002
Diego Mapa (Tarsius) – Korg MS-10
Cris Garcimo aka Blend:er (Gentle Universe) – SH-101
Jezi Matias (SleeperSecond) – Laptop (Soft synth) + Monome
Ian Quirante aka IQ (Switch) - Microkorg, Monotron, Waldorf Blofeld + Softsynths
Erick Calilan (Ugong) – Casio VL-1 (VL-Tone)
Roger Lopez (Inconnu Ictu) - Sequencial Ciruits Prophet 600, DIY Synthbox
Sam Vigilia (Scarlet Tears) - Korg x5D


The Gangan Ensemble was created by TENGAL DRILON and TAD ERMITAÑO in 2007. Since then, new ideas and concepts were introduced into the repertoire of the ensemble that gave birth to a series of new performances known now as THE GANGAN SERIES.

For Fete Dela WSK 2011, SYNTHICIDE, a concept project/collective of synth players and enthusiasts started by NOEL COLOMA ACOSTA, teamed up with the creators of the Gangan Series to form the GANGAN SYNTH ENSEMBLE, the first ever improvisational synthesizer orchestra from the Philippines.

For more info: 
Visit on Facebook.

N/WSK: Number Line Records x Fete dela WSK

Similar Objects will be launching its new album Finding Astral Lovers on Thursday, December 15, 2011. The show starts at 8:30pm in Saguijo, 7612 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village.

Line up:
Bottlesmoker (Indonesia)
Gente Universe
Manuel Nicolas Alvero
Similar Objects
Slow Hello
The Strangeness

+N/ will be giving away limited physical copies of a new label compilation to the first thirty people to arrive. The compilation features alternate covers by Poklong Anading, Louie Cordero, Nicole Coson, Dan Matutina and Luis Antonio Santos.

Limited edition physical copies of Finding Astral Lovers will also be available!

For more info visit

Ah, ah, how come good shows are always on a weekday? Anyway, leaving you guys a song by Similar Objects. Good tunes!

Visit: Fete Dela WSK!